Succesful Scrum

Did you hear of the beautiful tropical bounty island in the middle of the ocean ? The weather is always perfect and everything is in balance. They call it Scrum bounty island and is perfectly discribed in the Scrum Guide. So what kind of benefits would this place bring ?

If Scrum would be implemented perfectly than the real benefits of Scrum would be:

  • Happy stakeholders
  • Maximum valued product with high quality

There is a close relation between the progress/succes of the Scrum implementation and the maturity of the Scrum Master role.

Ron Eringa

I want to become the “expert” in the Evolution of the Scrum Master, so we can all live on that Scrum bounty island. It also started me thinking: what if we can get more Scrum Masters to the “expert” level ?Then could we have a happier world ?

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