My Agile journey

In june 2014 my Agile journey started when I switched jobs and started working for Colours. I was a frontend developer and became member of a Scrum Team at Eneco. One year later the Scrum Master left the team and a vacancy opened up. I jumped right in without knowing what was expected of me. In retrospect I did almost everything wrong, what a Scrum Master can do. Luckily I learned alot since then.

I have a enormous drive to win and show the world what I’m capable of. Since I was a kid I played sports that have a strong focus on individual performance. Swimming, atlethics, kick-boxing. Currently I’m into Crossfit since December 2014.

There is only winning. I’m always playing to win

I love to think (dream) about entrepreneurial possibilites. I’m also a perfectionist and I am a person of principle. This combination is constantly triggering my thoughts asking questions: “What is needed to win ? On which areas can we improve, that would benefit all stakeholders ?” That’s why I love the Agile mindset, because it helps to maximize value.

It’s not only my character that creates my passion for Agile. We all are blessed with one life. I see this as a challenge to make the most of it and work everyday to become the best version of yourself. Doing mindless work without a purpose or without knowing the return on time invested is my biggest energy drain.

After almost 4 yours being a Scrum Master I start enjoying the role more and more. I’m starting to grow confidence that I’m already Mastering Scrum for a good basic level, but the road to true Scrum Mastery is ahead of me. That’s why I assessed myself in my role as Scrum Master and found out that I’m somewhere around “coach” / “advisor”. I used the evolution of a Scrum Master for the assessment to make transparent where I stand.

My mission: I want to become a “expert” in Agile and mastering Scrum.

  • How: Learn by doing.
  • What: Write and create teach backs about Agile and Scrum related topics