Teen is struggling to take her SugarDaddies Huge Cock.

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Really 3 years ago
Most women want to be with a strong partner who can manhandle without harming. A grabbed wrist , and medium slap really do help a lot of women climax over and over. Not letting up and saying 5 more min , then take 20. Brought to a mind blowing climax even a prude sucks cock when overwhelmed. Treat her like a lady in public, closed doors me a real man!
Center 3 years ago
Decent format and storyline. Seems to be the same direction in all these sugardaddy vids. One question tho...why do the guys all keep their shirts on? Hell, we can't even see the penetration due to the fucking shirts hiding everything
Coffee King 3 years ago
This is just more proof that every woman has a price.
3 years ago
Doesn't look like much of a stuggle there.. lol
Me next 3 years ago
Can he fuck me ? Yum !
Sugarbaby 3 years ago
I think she's trying to vocalize for her next choir presentation
Im so 3 years ago
Glad I don’t moan loud and extra like that ugh
Anonymous 1 year ago
She putting Shakira's perro fiel while tryna get a sugar daddy????

Bitch you stupid
Surfnaked 3 years ago
Couple of things: I know she is a ho because she moans like one.She should have swallowed if he's paying her.